In this section you will find most of the hardware that is currently being sold by Dallmann Computers.  If you don't see what you need,

let us know by phoning or sending us an email on the contact page!

There are a few simple things you can do to keep your computer running smoothly.  If you follow these suggestions, both you and your computer will have much happier lives!  It doesn't mean your computer will run great forever, but it will help prolong the period of time that it runs efficiently.
  • Protect your computer against viruses
    • If you have more than one computer, and they are on a network, all computers on that network should have a copy of AntiVirus software.  Keep it updated!
  • Keep the system clean.
    • Clean your keyboard occasionally with a damp cloth.
    • Clean your CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, and CD-RW drives with a Laser Lens cleaner.
    • Clean the inside of your computer case with compressed air.  Blow out all the dust.
  • Keep your file system clean.
    • Occasionally run Disk Cleanup.  It is a utility that gets rid of unnecessary files.
    • Regularly run a Disk Defragmenter.  This will keep your programs and games running faster.
  • Visit the Manufacturer's website.
    • It contains a wealth of information.
  • Don't let little problems become big problems.
    • If you notice something quirky, or are consistently getting error messages, make sure you've followed the above steps.
    • If that doesn't work, bring your computer in for service.
    • If you let problems slide, you stand a greater chance of losing your valuable data.
  • Visit the BCC FORUMS.
    • This a small forum that can help with your problems.
    • Once you register, you can ask questions or give advice on computer related issues.

I know that following these steps will help keep your up-time more productive.  At any time, if you have questions please contact me.  I am always willing and ready to help.


Dwayne Dallmann
Dallmann Computers